Zynga Will Find Heaven in its Bingo Title

Zynga Will Find Heaven in its Bingo Title

Why does it need more attention from the firm’s executives?

Over the past couple of months, social gaming giant Zynga has been a consistent newsmaker. The biggest of which was the company’s acquisition of former Microsoft CEO Dan Mattrick, who will now work as Zynga’s chief of operations. This move by Zynga drew mixed reactions from critics and gamers, as well. Some said it was a great move because of Mattrick’s wide gaming experience. However, others believed that the ex-Microsoft executive’s presence won’t do any good for Zynga, especially on the company’s real-money gaming aspirations. They think that Mattrick won’t be able to help the company because of his lack of gambling background.

So far, Zynga’s real-money poker is doing great, probably because of the solid fan base it got from Facebook. However, some of the company’s games were left behind, with few titles being subjected for closure (e.g. OMGPop titles, slingo). The company is concentrating too much on poker when in fact, there’s another genre where they can get more profit.

One of the fastest growing video game genres today is…

One of the fastest-growing video game genres today is bingo. In a post bys infographic site Visual.ly, review site Bingo Find said in its July report that the industry is now worth US$ 1 billion, with the number of players showing a 100% growth since the early 2000s.

The social game publisher actually has its own bingo game called Zynga Bingo that is part of the company’s franchise called Zynga Casino. However, as compared to Zynga poker, this title doesn’t get much attention. The game, which was released in February 2012, features several rewards and bonuses that keep users coming back. Review gaming site Gamezebo said that Zynga Bingo’s main edge over other titles is its “highly polished with multiple room themes, unlockable bonuses via item collection, and activatable power-ups during games.”

Zynga will definitely be able to expand its influence and attract a wider market.

Zynga executives can make use of Zynga Bingo if it wants a wider market. All the company needs to do is find a great partner for its real-money bingo ventures. In the realm of online poker, Zynga tapped FoxyBingo.com operator Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment as its partner network. And if it truly wishes to expand its bingo games, the company can somehow strike another deal with the Gibraltar-based betting firm. Since Bwin is one of the biggest online bingo operators in the United Kingdom, it won’t be difficult for Zynga to market and handle its bingo title.

Bingo’s emergence as one of the top online games is something that Zynga should take advantage of. By riding on this card game’s growth, Zynga will definitely be able to expand its influence and attract a wider market.

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