Work with Us!

Bag of Games is a growing gaming site that welcomes everyone to participate. Bag of Games is looking for gamers with an interest in writing reviews or editorials for the site on a regular basis. So if you are open-minded to games of all kinds and don’t participate in fanboy nonsense and console wars, feel free to contact.

What we’re looking for

  • Dedicated member that can write 1 editorial /week
  • Knowledge of multiple genres and platforms
  • Professional attitude
While there is no real experience required, though it would be a major plus. This is not a paid position in any way, but an opportunity to express your reviews and opinions and have your work read by publishers, developers and especially fellow gamers. Aspiring game reviewer, this can be your chance. Contact us and I’ll let you know more about the site and what we have to offer. We’re also interested if you’re looking for a place to write guest posts about games.

How to submit? Send us an email.

  1. Introduce yourself: your real name, age, where you’re from and little information about yourself.
  2. What gaming platforms do you have available.
  3. Why do you apply and why you would be a good addition to Bag of Games.
  4. Include few writing examples. Do not send attatchments, provide url.
  5. Send mail to [email protected]