Release Date for Defiance’s First Add-On Announced

Trion Worlds’ open-world MMO shooter, Defiance, is finally receiving a release date for its first portion of downloadable content, the Castithan Charge Pack, which is slated to release next week on August 20th. Players that have not purchased the season pass for Defiance can expect the anticipated DLC to cost them $9.99 (or 800 Microsoft Points for Xbox users) and will be available on multiple platforms including PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

Those that purchase the Castithan Charge Pack can expect to gain the ability to traverse Defiance’s terraformed landscapes in the new Raptor passenger truck, participate in the potentially engaging Battle Arena game mode, and customize your unique character in a Castithan outfit (among other things including new story-progressing missions, more valuable loot, and additional Trophies/Achievements for Defiance).

However, by far the most intriguing aspect of Trion Worlds’ new add-on content comes from the shear fact that it benefits all the players within the game, even those who never plan on ponying up the dough for the add-on in the first place. While not necessarily acquiring all the luxuries paying customers will receive, once the Castithan Charge Pack becomes available, anxious players the world over can look forward to new Charge weapons, a fresh Monolith Major arkfall event, a new 1v1 game mode called Duels, and many more game-changing features that are sure to inject even more longevity into Defiance’s immersive, conflict-riddled world.

It isn’t too often that a developer allows paying and non-paying players freebies alongside the release of a priced portion of DLC, so hopefully we see more studios taking note of the potential this seemingly attractive style of delivering add-on content is to consumers and possibly incorporating it into their next anticipated titles sometime in the near future (despite how unlikely that may be).

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