Top 5 Xbox 360 Games For Kids

Top 5 Xbox 360 Games For Kids

While the Xbox hasn’t traditionally been targeted to younger children, its popularity has made it a centerpiece for most home theater systems. Because of that the little rug rats often want to play with the toy. Especially because Microsoft’s new Kinect motion-control platform is a way to play games without using a controller. Since you aren’t a bad parent, you want to make sure the games are age appropriate.

If you are looking to make your Xbox kid friendly, and not annoy everyone else in the living room, check our Top 5 Xbox 360 Games For Kids. For PS3 version of this list, click here.

Kinect Disneyland


The game lets the kids explore everything Disneyland has to offer, while providing some stimulation via mini games, challengers and adventures throughout the virtual park. It also allows the children to experience a true fantasy land, as there are no lines for any of the rides, no hot weather, or ridiculous admission prices.

You also get to meet many of the well known characters, just as you would when you’re visiting the real thing.

Sesame Street: Once upon a Monster

Sesame Street Once upon a Monster

Instead of waiting for Sesame Street to come on TV, why not load the disk, and watch your child interact with the gang? All of your favorites, including Oscar, Elmo and Cookie Monster. There aren’t much to add to this as far as content goes, we are all more or less familiar with the Sesame Street experience.

The game encourages the child to move around a bit.

Be prepared, however – I was surprised to find out the level of “cartooniness” there was to the video game. Since the real Sesame Street is live action, I don’t know exactly what I expected, but it was a little off-putting. Since the title is Once upon a monster, the focus is, you guessed it, monsters. Cookie Monster and Elmo are the stars in this game. Since this game is designed to use the Kinect controller, it encourages the child to move around a bit. All around this game is a good choice for kids.

Kinectimals – Now with Bears

Kinectimals – Now with Bears

Children has kids using their hands (via the Kinect controller) to manipulate more 20 + animals by petting, playing with, scratching, etc. The animals react in different ways, mostly positively, but there is more to it than that – there are different games within the game, like who am I, matchup, coloring pages, and so on.It’s not just petting animals, even for a kid that would most likely get boring fast.

What I like about this game is the artistry – the backgrounds, and effects like grass and water, aren’t something a kid will notice directly, but really make the gameplay fluid and smooth. I’m just sad the first version didn’t have bears.

LEGO Harry Potter

lego harry potter

While the title applies to Harry Potter specifically, the guidelines here can apply to just about anything LEGO, for example Lego Star Wars, Batman, etc. The LEGO series is great for kids, because it takes a already dearly beloved brand in LEGO form.

The best features are: LEGO characters falling apart instead of dying, no blood, and no real end of game so that the children don’t get too frustrated.

The Penguins of Madagascar: Dr. Blowhole Returns again

The Penguins of Madagascar Dr Blowhole Returns again

It has Neil Patrick Harris as the voice of Dr. Blowhole

While this wordy title sounds like something that belongs in an adult bookstore, I assure you the content is kid friendly. Based on the movies of the Penguins of Madagascar, this series allows children to act as all of the penguin team to solve mini games, puzzles, and so forth. While the series may seem played out (another title?) This one will not disappoint. Here’s a little secret – it has Neil Patrick Harris as the voice of Dr. Blowhole.

All in all, these Top 5 Xbox 360 Games for kids will keep your Xbox clean and pristine from questionable content, while not breaking your wallet open with major prices for those more popular games.


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