Top 5 Most Anticipated Indie Games of 2015

Top 5 Most Anticipated Indie Games of 2015

The world of indie games has been spreading like wildfire in the past few years, evolving from it’s humble beginnings as just that thing you’re one hipster friend played. Nowadays, indie titles are often just as anticipated as much, if not more than the next big AAA release. As we inch closer to kissing 2014 goodbye, we can happily look forward into 2015 and see that there are many awaited games that we’ve been begging to get our hands on. So let’s take a look at five of the most anticipated indie games we’ll be playing in the new year.

5) Citizens of Earth

As the VP of Earth, you’ve got quite a lot on your plate, so when things really start to get crazy upon your return to your hometown, it’s time to…well, do nothing. Instead, this Earthbound inspired RPG will have you recruiting the citizens of the town to do your bidding. Every NPC in Citizens of Earth is recruitable, each with their own unique combat abilities and play styles. Each citizen also has their own day job which levels up through use, whether they’re altering the weather patterns or selling goods to your party. This constantly expanding team will ensure that the VP never has to lift a finger. Wouldn’t wanna put that coffee mug down now would ya?

Expected Release Date: January 2015


4) Apotheon

Apotheon takes players on a grizzly journey inspired by the art work of Greek mythology. As humanity’s last Champion, your goal is to trek through the land of the dead, infiltrate Mount Olympus, and end the wrath of the gods. Sounds simple enough, hand me an ax, let’s get this train movin’! This side scrolling adventure offers a horde of powerful weapons and armor to slay the likes of warriors, wolfs, giants, and gods alike. Be prepared to get a little bloody when Alien Trap Games releases Apotheon early next year.

Expected Release Date: January 2015


3) Inside

We haven’t seen or heard much about this new game from the creators of Limbo, but the trailer looks promising. It has a similar art style to that of Limbo, but with a little more color. Although still a 2D side scroller, the environments are more alive, with things constantly unfolding in the background. You seem to play as a small boy, attempting to escape from an oppressive world, and the sense of panic is ever present. Expect this one to debut first on Xbox One in the first half of next year.

Expected Release Date: Early 2015


2) Lemma

This one has been in development since 2010! Although various demo builds of the game have been released since 2012, we will finally get our hands on Lemma in full next year. The incredible movement mechanics are what makes this title so amazing. Running off the edge of a wall will create a new wall beneath your feet, matching your arc as you descend. Rolling off the edge of a platform for the first time will create a small extension to the floor. Even better, you’re allowed traversal through seemingly thin air. As you leap off surrounding walls or platforms, transparent structures will appear in front of you allowing you to choose your preferred direction, materializing the moment you land. The possibilities for traversal are nearly endless and I often found myself taking a break from the main story to set my own goals and destinations in the maps just to see if I could reach them. Unfortunately, console fans are out of luck on this one, as it’s only available on Steam.

Expected Release Date: April 2015


1) No Man’s Sky:

We’ve been drooling over No Man’s Sky for too long now, it’s become like a drug, every trailer or screenshot worsening our addiction, but no more! The real thing is on the horizon and once it gets here, I fully expect to never talk to or see any of you again. This first person science fiction title will give players utter freedom to explore it’s infinite procedurally generated galaxy, full of unexplored planets. Each creature, plant, star, mountain, or building is unique to your game and you can choose to catalog them for yourself or share them with your friends in their worlds, possibility changing them forever. No Man’s Sky might also have support for VR headsets like Oculus or Morpheus, but nothing has been confirmed yet. This might just be the reason to buy a PS4 if you haven’t already, as it will be exclusive to PS4 and PC.

Expected Release Date: Sometime in 2015

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