Top 5 Free2Play; Not Pay2Win Games for Android

Top 5 Free2Play; Not Pay2Win Games for Android

Mobile Gaming.
It’s almost a dirty word, isn’t it?
Seemingly a wasteland of lackluster ports, money grabbing candy clones and broken promises.
But Mobile Gaming is here to stay and if you look hard enough you can actually find some pretty decent experiences out there.

A few months ago I bought a Google Nexus 7 (inch) tablet and it easily ranks high on my short list of “Expensive things I’ve bought that I don’t regret.”

I use it as my primary source for Stephen King novels, I watch Netflix & read comic books, it’s also the most convenient way of telling me the weather conditions outside. And then there are the games.

After filling up my scant 16GB internal memory (seriously, get the 32 GB model) a few times over I’ve compiled a short list of my favorite free games that you may want to try for yourself.

1. Asphalt 8 Airborne

Genre: Racing

Asphalt 8 Airborne is as close to a Triple A experience as I’ve experienced on Android at the moment. Not only is it gorgeous, fast paced and boasts worthy competitive multiplayer it actually has really responsive gameplay.
You control your car by tilting the tablet from left to right, just as you would a steering wheel. Boosting is controlled by pressing anywhere on the right hand side of the screen and the e-brake is bound to the left hand side. Using this simple and entirely intuitive control scheme I felt more connected to my virtual car than pretty much any other racer out there.

Download Asphalt 8 Airborne


2. The Sandbox

Genre: God Game, Partical Effects Simulator

The Sandbox is a fascinating experiment in particle effects. You are given a toolbox of various materials ranging from dirt, rock and sand to, wires, robots and brontosaur(i?). Using these tools you play through puzzling scenarios trying to use the elements at your disposal to complete objectives.

As a added bonus almost every day of the week a “bonus” mission becomes available for you to score some extra points (used to buy more elements)

It’s fun to “drizzle” some water over a mountain of dirt and watch as erosion and time find a muddy equilibrium.

Download The Sandbox

3. Clumsy Ninja

Genre: Pet Simulator, Tamagotchi

his cute and mistake prone student of Ninjutsu starts at the bottom and with your patience and guidance eventually begins to learn the skills necessary to rescue his girlfriend from an evil warlord.

You help him train by holding the punching bag with your fingertip or adjusting the trampoline beneath him  so he doesn’t fall off. yYou can eventually work this pint sized warrior into a semi autonomous martial arts “master”.

It’s hilarious to play with his rag doll physics, sweeping his legs from under him or tickling him into submission.

It satisfies sadistic and paternal instincts alike.

Download Clumsy Ninja

4. Disco Zoo

Genre: Tap-4-fun, Casual
This one is just plain cute. Your objective is to go out into the wilderness and capture animals “Match Game” style by fliping cards and finding the all the matching animal cards before your amount of turns expire.

Then when you get them back to your zoo you collect coins that pop out of your visitors to show their delight with your collection.

Visitors prefer the animals to be active, so when they go to sleep it’s best that you wake them up, the most effective way to do that is to have a “Disco Party!” which instantly wakes all your animals and makes them alert, this in turn makes your visitors happier and that means more money to afford those safaris that will net you more pixelated animalia.

Download Disco Zoo


5. Shadow Era

Genre: Collectible Card Game

Shadow Era is as close as you can come to Magic: The Gathering without paying for it. Its a collectible digital card game with deep strategy and even more importantly no ulterior motives. So few card games on Android or iOS focus on gameplay, rather they try to sell you booster packs.

Download Shadow Era


Do you know of any fun to play free but not pay2win games that aren’t on this list? Please let us know and we’ll add them to the list!