Top 10 Most Annoying Enemies In Dark Souls

Top 10 Most Annoying Enemies In Dark Souls

With Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition coming out later this month, what better time is there to reminisce about the most frustrating enemies in the dangerous world of Lordran?  And while I’m at it, this could be seen as a warning to those preparing to plunge themselves into Dark Souls for the first time.  Hopefully this list will be more helpful to those people than the crummy tutorial.

10.  Giant Skeletons

Intimidating and forceful, Giant Skeletons are mainly found in the dark and deadly area known as Tomb Of The Giants, where a single step can send you plummeting to your death.

Each Giant Skeleton carries a Murakumo or a Bow and arrow, both of which deal massive amounts of damage when hit, or push the player backwards if blocked.  A very annoying ability given the narrow paths of their dwelling, so fighting them can become very awkward.

How to defeat:

A Giant Skeleton’s attacks are very precise, and can easily be dodged or blocked.  Like many enemies in Dark Souls the best tactic is to carefully position yourself behind them and keep attacking their back as they turn and swipe at where you used to be.

It’s quite easy to predict their attacks, so lure them to an open area where you can strafe around them without falling, and stay at their back.

The same goes for Giant Skeletons wielding Bows and arrows.  Thankfully, the arrows, though powerful, move rather slowly, so you’re able to simply walk out of its trajectory.

9.  Taurus Demon

Brutal and violent, a Taurus Demon can be quite tricky to defeat, if only because their attacks launch the player backwards, which is very annoying in the lower section of the Demon Ruins with its barrier-less walkways.

They move fast and attack frequently, making it hard to even get a hit in.

How to defeat:

As far as the Demon Ruins are concerned, do not fight more than one.  Carefully lure out one at a time, and be sure to keep your distance from pit falls as you can easily be tossed off a ledge and die without even being hit.

Rolling to dodge an attack isn’t recommended since many of its attacks ‘lock’ onto and follow you through the entire animation.  Keep your shield up and strafe close to its body.  After it takes a swing, if you haven’t been thrown back, take a couple quick swipes at it and prepare to block its next attack.

8.  Mushroom Parent

Durable and deceptive, these Mushroom Parents can take a huge amount of punishment while dishing out even more.  Do not be fooled by their slow movement, highly telegraphed attacks and seemingly harmless design, these monsters can crush you into dust very quickly if you’re not careful.

How to defeat:

They attack with incredibly powerful punches that, if blocked, can drain all your stamina in one hit, so be sure to bring a good shield that can absorb a lot of damage.  Melee characters will have to stay relatively close to them to whittle down their enormous health, but it is recommended to take a ‘breather’ to recharge your stamina or even heal yourself if a punch breaks through your guard.

However, if you have Pyromancies or Sorceries on hand you may be able to strike them for afar since they move quite slowly.  Just be ready to block their punches if they get close.  Each swing pushes their body forwards so their range, like their power, is deceptively good.

7.  Burrying Rockworm

Ferocious and annoying, Burrying Rockworms burst out of the ground, ceilings and walls in Demon Ruins and can be rather tough to take down.  They’re flailing attacks can make them near impossible to hit more than once during each ‘attack interval’, if that, and they spit out acid that can quickly break your gear.

How to defeat:

Burrying Rockworms can be so tedious and tricky to defeat that it’s recommended to not even fight them at all (except that one near the Bonfire).

Their attacks are very wide and fast, leaving very little time for a single attack.  Thankfully, they can’t move from their ‘bursting spot’ so ranged attacks like arrows, Soul Spear and Fireball work well without placing you close enough for them to reach you.

Melee characters will have a tougher time with them though.  Make sure to quickly back away after each strike so their swiping move won’t touch you.  Attack, back away, attack again and they’ll go down soon enough.

6.  Armored Boar

Tough and Rough, Armored Boars, although rare, are almost invulnerable to melee damage and pack one hell of a punch.  You first see one in Undead Parish which will pulverize you if you’re not careful (run away!).  All melee attacks are treated as if the player is slamming their sword against a wall, with your weapon ricocheting off their metallic body and dealing pitiful amounts of damage.

How to defeat:

If you have Sorceries or Pyromancies, use them.  With a Great Heavy Soul Spear you should be able to take one out with 1-4 hits.  Just be careful of its charge attack.

Other than that there aren’t many sound strategies to take care of an Armored Boar.  Personally, I just use a good shield and keep wacking away until it goes down.  Try to stand behind it as it will rarely attack you from the back.  Also, if you get a certain distance away from it, it will turn and walk back to its original spot, leaving you a few precious seconds to smack it a bit.

5.  Giant Mosquito

Swift and Numerous, The Giant Mosquito is one of two enemies in Dark Souls that constantly spawn, making them a very annoying hindrance on your terrifying trek through Blighttown.

They always attack in pairs and will either spray you with some…stuff, or stab you, both of which increase your Poison Meter.  They are also quite hard to hit, sometimes requiring a few swings of your sword to finally land a strike.

How to defeat:

Since they don’t give you any souls and never stop hounding you through the already dangerous Blighttown, it’s very recommended to not even bother with them unless they’re causing serious trouble and are increasing the chances of you falling to your death.  In which case, get relatively good Poison Resistance and keep your shield up.

You may not hit them on your first attempt, so just keep swinging until they both go down.  Try not to use a sword that pushes you forward if you are situated on the walkways above, for obvious reasons.  Also, be careful about the next two that will instantly take their place.

4.  Royal Sentinel

Massive and Versatile, a Royal Sentinel attacks with might and weight while also having the ability to use miracles that either heal themselves or knock you onto your back.

There are only two in the entire game, both of which are in the cathedral hall in Anor Londo.  Facing one takes time and can even feel like wasted effort after they completely heal themselves in a few seconds.  Their attacks are varied and powerful, involving wide sweeps across the ground and powerful slams from above.

How to defeat:

Like Burrying Rockworms or Giant Mosquitos, it is highly recommended to just ignore both of them on your way to the Ornstein and Smough boss area.  This is a lot harder to do compared to the previous enemies since the Royal Sentinel’s attacks have such incredible range and width.

If you have a crazy desire to fight them, here’s what you should do:  Try to take one on at a time.  Fighting two isn’t impossible, but if they inconveniently attack during the others ‘interval’ then you’ll be gradually slammed to death by the constant swings of their mighty halberds.

Even though the wide sweep attack has a large radius, try to stay behind them as much as you can.  Their attacks are easy to predict and every one (except the miracle that knocks you back) can be blocked.  They stay still for a short time before attacking again which gives you a small chance to hack away at them before they attack again.  Keep blocking, attack during their ‘breaks’ and be sure to take advantage of their healing miracle, as it leaves them completely defenseless for a very short time.

3.  Pin-Wheel Skeletons

Fast and frustrating, Pin-Wheel Skeletons and annoyingly quick and can easily knock you down if you don’t put a shield between you and their spindly form.

Their only attack is a very infuriating one.  They roll forwards like wheels (obviously) and strike up against your body.  Even if this attack didn’t do any damage at all, just the pattern and effect it has is similar to someone kicking the back of your chair at a movie theatre.

How to defeat:

Once again, try to attack one at a time.  Nothing can stop their wheel attack, so sometimes it’s best to either ignore them, if you can, or let them pass you.

They’re attacks, when blocked, aren’t very powerful, so a spear and shield combination is ideal since you can ‘hold’ them at your shield while you jab them apart with your weapon.  If you let them pass you, run back to them and hack away while they adjust themselves for another attack.

2.  Skeleton Dogs

Monstrous and totally unfair man!, Skeleton Dogs easily make it to the number two spot for being the deadliest and most harrowing enemy in Dark Souls.

Skeleton Dogs are infamous for their flurry attack that can, even when blocked, wipe out stamina and health in one go.  It is also speculated that they ignore armor bonuses when attacking, making them much more powerful.

They, like Giant Skeletons, dwell within Tomb Of The Giants so many attacks from a Skeleton Dog can push the player right off the edge of the path.

How to defeat:

These monsters are extremely tough and should not be underestimated, even more so than Mushroom Parents.  Much like Giant Skeletons, a Skeleton Dog’s attacks all come from their front so be sure to stay behind them as much as possible or risk being shoved off the narrow walkways.

They don’t have much health, so several hits with a powerful weapon will destroy them.  But you must be very careful as to when you attack, since their flurry attack will kill you if you don’t block it.  Its other attacks can be blocked and deflected with a good enough shield and must be taken as blessings.

1.  Bounding Demon Of Izalith

Extremely strong and nearly impossible to hit, The Bounding Demon Of Izalith is easily the most annoying enemy in Dark Souls.

Roaming (Standing still until they see you) the lava terrain of Lost Izalith, The Bounding Demons Of Izalith, after seeing you, will step over and begin crushing and slamming you apart.

Their attacks are strong, with one being impossible to block, but what’s worse is that they’re very difficult to hit.  Every part of their body can change position so you will have to be constantly moving to adapt to their varying attack patterns.  You’ll mostly be attacking their feet, but that can only be done for a short time since all of their attacks cause their feet to shift position, move up and down or even fly into the air.

After launching themselves above you, they will come crashing down with unblock-able force.  Adding to that; you’re always surrounded by lava which will either quickly kill you or use up a ring slot.

How to defeat:

There aren’t many strategies to take these guys down.  Blocking their attacks isn’t too much hassle, but actually attacking them is the real issue.  You won’t get many chances to get close without them moving their legs or jumping up in the air, so you’ll need a big area to move around in.  It may also be a mildly good idea to lure extra ones towards you since they are the only enemies in the game that can hurt each other (If I remember correctly).

If you don’t lure some together you’ll just have to carefully take each one out yourself.  Aim for the legs, preferably with a spear and shield combination to protect yourself, at least a little bit, from their stamping attack.

Sprint away when they jump into the air and run back to them as they hit the ground, leaving themselves vulnerable for a few precious seconds.

They move a little too fast for Pyromancies to be useful, but Sorceries like Soul Spear work well from a distance, but be sure to have room to move as they can reach you very quickly.

Challenge and annoyance is not even half of what Dark Souls is, and I hope I haven’t turned anybody off from playing this magnificent gem.  Just be ready, and keep your shield up.


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