Titanfall Beginner’s Guide: 5 Ways to Kill more and Die Less

Titanfall Beginner’s Guide: 5 Ways to Kill more and Die Less

Titanfall is here and many of us have already spent hours with the game enjoying riding our Titans around all fifteen levels. You’re liking it, leveling up, unlocking those weapons and trying to find out the best strategies to take out those enemy Titans. While Titanfall makes it easy to figure out how to play the game, there is always room for learning. Here is our Titanfall beginner’s guide that has tips and tricks that have helped us to rule the battles.

Find your style

First things first: In Titanfall, no-one is good at hiding and stopping is just begging for a quick death. The most important thing in the game is learn to think while you’re on the move and find your style.

“no-one is good at hiding”

Even though the game is fast, it doesn’t mean that you can’t go defensive. If you decide to have a defensive play-style and enjoy camping the key here is to learn how people move in this game. Staying in one place is extremely deadly in Titanfall, so you if you decide to enjoy sniping, it is crucial to learn the terrain and use arc mines and tactical abilities like active radar pulse that lets you see enemies through walls. Never, ever stay long in one place, despite how good hiding place it seems to be.

Sometimes it is good to take advantage of the opportunity before they pass. In a very fast paced game like Titanfall, many players still rely on assumptions. If a player throws a grenade towards you, chances are that they’re not expecting you to rush towards him as they assume you are keeping the distance to wait out the grenade. That – of course – is a dire mistake so finish off that reloading/confused enemy with your weapons or a kick.

Stay smart

Flank when you can. No matter how good the enemy is, the advantage of teamwork wears down even the most experienced players. That said; use flanking when you’re playing together with a friend or when on foot with your own Titan. If you can lure out an enemy player to a place where your auto-Titan is waiting, the situation changes quickly to your benefit.

Titanfall tutorial

There is a one difference between players who have played the game a lot and who have not. The more experienced players aren’t afraid to stay out of their Titans. It might seem obvious to stay in your titan in Last Titan Standing mode, but there are ways to be even more useful to your team. Equip yourself with arc grenades that greatly hamper enemy Titans ability to see and allow you to act accordingly. Being on foot allows you to stay on rooftops and communicate to other players accordingly.

Setting your Titan defensive in capture the flag or hardpoint modes is useful too. It usually gives you few of those extra kills.

Don’t rely on your Titan and use those Burn cards

Even though riding a Titan is VERY fun to do, use them as you would use your burn cards. Even though you might feel that you should save your Titan for the better moment, there is no real reason not to use it. Don’t savor it too much because even if your Titan gets destroyed you get a new one in few minutes. Play well and you don’t even have to wait those few minutes.

Burn cards will give you nice status effects and you get them by completing challenges. When you’re playing, you are pretty much always completing challenges so don’t be afraid to use them. The key is to choose the burn cards accordingly to mode you are currently playing and the stage of the match. So don’t choose better anti-titan weapons in the beginning of the match unless you plan to stay alive for a long time.

Also remember that burn cards last only one life.

Reckless Titan player is a stupid Titan player

“Keep your shields up and you’ll do well”

Once you get your Titan, you’re pumped up and ready to rock. However, if you don’t play smart with your Titan, chances are that you are going to stay alive 20 seconds or less. If you are smart, move accordingly you might last a complete round with your Titan. To do that, there are few fundamentals that you should keep in mind:

Titanfall titans

Keep an eye for your shields and make good use of your vortex shield. Shields can recharge indefinitely but health doesn’t recharge. Of course you can rush in to take on other Titans, but knowing what is happening around you, where can you hide when things go awry is very important when battling with the big guys. I use few different set-ups for my Titans but even though I’m very aggressive with Ogre and quad-rockets, I still keep my eye on my shields while I literally punch other Titans to bits and pieces. Keep your shields up and you’ll do well. That is the most important thing with Titans.

Conserve your dashes. Use them when you need them and you need them when it is time to stay on the defensive. Use dashes when your shield goes down and need that one moment to recharge your shields. The only exception when they’re not worth saving is when all hope is lost against another Titan. Then you should charge in and punch your enemy to death.

Also keep an eye on enemy pilots as they have the habit of either pop and land a big one or trying to rodeo you. Use melee against players who try to rodeo as it works (and is fun too).

Rodeo-ing the right way.

Even though it is attempt to rodeo a Titan, it is far from being a bullet-proof strategy. When the enemy stops, jump out and get to a position to kill the enemy pilot. After the kill, finish of that Titan.

However, if you are the one riding the Titan, you can also fake your disembark while you have unwanted guests riding your Titan. Crouch and look down, only to see enemies jump of and to be blasted away by your Titan’s weapon or even better, your Titan’s fist.

P.S. Don’t use your anti-titan weapon while rodeo-ing a Titan. You are dead if you do so.

That was our guide of 5 things that help you kill more and die less in Titanfall. Now is time to jump back in and mix those Pilot and Titan strategies. If you have your own strategies or tips to share, please do so in the comments.


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