Square-Enix’s E3 Press Conference Recap

Square-Enix’s E3 Press Conference Recap


Square-Enix’s first ever E3 press conference had some notable lulls, but ultimately delivered the goods. Kingdom Hearts 3, Just Cause 3 and Rise of the Tomb Raider were all present and looked great. Here is a recap of Square-Enix’s E3 press conference.

Just Cause 3


Ever wanted to star in an action movie ?

Just Cause is back, bigger and better than ever ! Fully embracing that action movie feel, Just Cause 3 gives players more mobility with an improved grappling hook, parachute and wingsuit. With over 80 land, air and sea vehicles, players will have their pick of the litter when deciding how to navigate the island of Medicci. Just Cause 3 will launch for the PS4, PC and Xbox One December 1 2015.


A brand new Nier title, the emotional sequel promises more in depth characters. Platinum Games is co-developing this Fall 2015 release.

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Square-Enix showed the same trailer as Microsoft, but also gave a glimpse behind the scenes at how devs modeled the titular characters face and body. Rise of the Tomb Raider launches first for the Xbox One November 10 2015, other platforms at a later date.

Tomb Raider Go

A new mobile from the creators of Hitman Go. Tomb Raider Go is a turn based strategy adventure game.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

The long awaited remake is being developed for the PS4. Square also delayed the PC port of Final Fantasy 7 to PS4 until Winter 2015.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained Keys

A brand new Kindom Hearts adventure for mobile platforms. Unchained Keys will link to the plot of Kingdom Hearts 3. Will be available for ios and android.

Kingdom Hearts 3


Closer than ever before

A brand new trailer complete with in game footage was shown to a grand applause. Kingdom Hearts 3 will introduce Sora and friends to the Disney world of Tangled, while featuring new Keyblade transformations and summons.

World of Final Fantasy

A brand new I.P., the same trailer from the Sony press briefing was screened. World of Final Fantasy will launch next year.


The newest Hitman is an ever growing online experience. Hits and missions appear and disappear constantly, missing a Hit means it could be gone forever. Additionally, community created Hits and missions will be shareable. Hitman will get a digital release December 3 2015, no word on a retail launch.

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness 

The next Star Ocean is being developed for the PS4. A gameplay footage showed off new combat and improved visuals. Integrity and Faithlessness promises a mixture of dynamic and static cutscenes, all running at 60 FPS.

Deus Ex: Manking Divided


Deus Ex Mankind Divided

Ready to ask some metaphorical question while slicing some baddies at same time ?

The sequel to Human Revolution promises to be more cerebral while maintaining all the great sci-fi action. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided launches for the PS4, Xbox One and PC early 2016.

Final Fantasy Portal App

A new app available this summer from Squar-Enix. Final Fantasy Portal is a constant news feed, providing any news regarding Final Fantasy games directly from the developers.

Project Setsuna

A brand new I.P. under early development. Project Setsuna is being worked on by a brand new studio callled Tokyo RPG Factory. Setsuna will be a JRPG for current generation consoles.


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