Nvidia: Changing The Way We See Games

Nvidia: Changing The Way We See Games

For nearly two years, Nvidia has pioneered the computer graphic industry, with it’s strong and reliable GPU’s that create an immersive experience for gamers. Constantly pushing the boundaries of what they can create, Nvidia have finally created a mammoth graphics card that will revolutionise the hardware used within computers.

Meet the Tesla K80, Nvidia’s newest addition to their prospering family of GPUs. The company on Monday announced the updated K80 which is their fasted product to date. The Tesla K80 is used in supercomputers to solves some of sciences most complicated problems.

Tesla K80 is very similar to the GeForce graphics cards, only with added memory, 24GB of memory to be precise, and a few more tweaks. Tesla is being used by several private corporations to simulate 3D models, and help oil and drilling corporations do geological research.

Compared to the 5 teraflops that the GeForce GTX 980 desktop graphics card delivers, the Tesla K80 produces 8.74 teraflops of single precision performance. Moreover the Tesla K80 has two times more performance power and memory band-width than the earlier Tesla K40 which was released around the same time last year.

Nvidia isn’t the only company offering such powerful accelerators, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) offers the FirePro, and Intel offers the Xeon Phi chip. However, Nvidia is definitely at the forefront of such innovative technology, clearly seen through the excellent products they have on offer, both for gamers and for corporations.

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