New Processor for Xbox One Means Lower Pricing

New Processor for Xbox One Means Lower Pricing

Xbox One prices may have been cut to $349 for the holiday season but there is rumour they will be slashed again to a more permanent price that is bound to be more affordable. An AMD chip designer updated his LinkedIn page with the information that he was working on a new processor for the Xbox One. After the leak of this information the AMD designer’s page went to private.

The new processor will reduce the cost of the Xbox One and make the ‘souped-up silicon’ more efficient.

Presently the processors of Xbox One are set at 28nm which means that each transistor would measure 28 thousand-millionths in every meter. The latest chip design changes the 28nm into the smaller version of 20nm. Hence, making the Xbox One 30% faster than the original.

The present processor that is nestled deep inside the Xbox is extensive and each chip costs $50 per chip. Changing the processor to the new 20nm, which is smaller in scale, can greatly reduce the cost of the console. This opens the opportunity to reduce the size of processors, and chassis within consoles which will, in turn, allow the console to run at its full capacity while reducing power consumption in order to achieve a cooler more efficient games console whilst permanently reduce the pricing of consoles.

The adjustments to the console are more likely to be integrated into the system by 2015. So hold off on buying one for the time being.

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