Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference Recap

Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference Recap


Microsoft came out swinging, putting an emphasis on games. Blockbusters like Halo 5: Guardians, Forza 6, Tom Clancy: The Division and Gears 4 were present. Not to be outdone, Microsoft showed a parade of creatively unique indies such as Tacoma, Ashen and Cuphead. On the software/hardware we got a brand new controller and the promise of backwards compatibility. Here is a complete recap of the Microsoft E3 press briefing.

Halo 5: Guardians


The next Halo entry will come with 2 sides of a campaign, taking control of 2 sets of Spartans. Guardians will come with a 24 multiplayer along with NPC controlled bots, The Halo 5 Guardians multiplayer will run on the Warzone Multiplayer, the central hub for online matchmaking.


A new game from the creators of Megaman and the Metroid Prime franchise. No gameplay was shown regarding Recore, only a cinematic trailer was shown. The trailer displayed a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by robots. The robots have round spheres within them that not only gives them life but also A.I. Recore is an Xbox One exclusive.

Xbox One Backwards Compatible

Xbox Boss Phil Spencer announced the X1 will have backwards compatibility coming this holiday season. Over 100 Xbox 360 titles will be available at launch with more to come. Titles will be available online through the Xbox marketplace in addition to retail disc also being compatible.

Xbox Elite Controller

The newest Xbox controller, the Elite is a wireless controller with more macro buttons and customizable layouts. The Elite has 4 buttons with flap-like switches placed on the bottom of the controller and a new D-Pad akin to the Xbox 360 disc. It will cost 149.99$

Fallout 4

Bethesda took to the stage to announce Fallout 4 on Xbox One will be able to run all community created mods for the PC edition. They also  showed the same trailer shown at their own press briefing. No new footage.

EA Access

EA showed off their new program EA Access. EA Access lets subscribers stream a collection of games from the current rotation of titles in the Vault. EA Access members also get 10% off for purchases at the Xbox online store, is only available on Xbox One for 5$ a month.

Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

New characters new worlds and shiny new trailer filled with parody. Available Spring 2016.

Forza 6


Odd to think a car will be available in a video game before real life

The new Ford GT headlined Forza 6. Over 450 cars will be available when the game launches September 15 2015.

Dark Souls 3

The trailer debut for the official announcement of Dark Souls 3 and will launch early 2016.

Tom Clancy: The Division


Beta coming soon

The Division will get an Xbox exclusive beta this holiday season, the game will launch bundled with Rainbow Six Vegas 1 and 2.


A free-to-play online battle arena for the PC and Xbox One. Gigantic didn’t show off much gameplay, but will have an open beta starting August 2015.

Tons of Indies

The indies were out in full swing, with an emphasis being put on 4 titles in particular.


The next game from the creator of Gone Home. Tacoma is a first person adventure game that will launch first on Xbox One and PC.


A Co-op puzzle game, Ashen is a colorful adventure for the Xbox One.

Beyond Eyes

A cerebral game about a young girl experiencing the world through touch and sound. The indie is colorful, bright, full of personality and will launch Summer 2015.



What you are looking at is gameplay, feast your eyes

Cuphead is a 2D platform shooter made to look like a 1940’s cartoon. All the characters and stages are hand drawn and animated to give it that authentic and nostalgic feel. Cuphead is an Xbox One exclusive.

Xbox Game Preview

Microsoft is launching an early access feature that will let players try out new, in development titles before they are launched. Every game will have a free trial so players can make an informed decision of whether or not they want to purchase it. The first games available will be The Long Dark and Elite Dangerous, with DayZ coming later this year.


From the developers of DayZ. Literally nothing is know regarding gameplay. Ion will be available for early access firs on Xbox One and PC.

Rise of the Tomb Raider

A brand new gameplay trailer showed off the graphical prowess of the newest Tomb Raider. Rise of the Tomb Raider will launch first on Xbox One November 2015.

Rare Replay

Rare Replay is a collection of 30 classic games for 30$. Titles include Rare favorites such as Banjo-Kazooie, Conker’s Bad Fur Day and Perfect Dark.

Sea of Thieves

A new IP from Rare Software. Sea of Thieves is a pirate themed, open world online game. Players band together to make crews and pilot their own pirate ship, battling enemy A.I. and players.

Fable Legends

The next Fable installment launches this Holiday season for the Xbox One and PC.

Valve VR/Occulus Rift

Microsoft is buddying up with Occulus, shipping an Xbox One controller with every Occulus Rift, additionally, every Xbox One game will be playable on the Occulus Rift. Microsoft also brought out Mojang to display Minecraft running on the Microsoft Hololens. The visor projects holographic images onto a surface and comes equipped with voice commands.

Gears of War 

Gears of War Ultimate Edition is a remaster of the first Gear of War and brings back the original online multiplayer. Beta starts today. Additionally, Gears 4 was officially revealed, showing off some gameplay, Gears 4 will launch holiday 2016.

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