Gas Guzzlers Extreme Review

Gas Guzzlers Extreme Review
Review Score8
  • Why so Good? Gas Guzzlers Extreme is a welcome addition to the combat racing genre and holds up well against its rivals

    Why so Bad? Multiplayer lobbies are empty, rather generic

Gas Guzzlers Extreme doesn’t necessarily bring anything new to the table but delivers a solid vehicular combat experience that is a blast to play. That said, Gas Guzzlers Extreme is a welcome addition to the already entertaining genre.

Polished combat racing with customization

From humble minis to the fastest super cars, Gas Guzzlers Extreme is all about upgrading your earned cars and taking them to the fields of glory. There are many different gameplay modes to spend your hours, ranging from classic racing to deathmatches, knockout races and even capture the flag. These modes offer a nice amount of variety to a racing game such as this. Even though these modes aren’t anything new and breathtaking they do their job decently, offering exactly what you would expect from them.

With over 40 tracks, 8 arenas and various environments, the miles stretch a long way in terms of gameplay. The single-player mode has a campaign that takes you through a career mode that takes around 10 hours to complete. It has the same winning formula that most of the racing games share. You start with a new driver, with the cheapest car on the market, and work your way up the ranks. If you do well, you get sponsors and based on your performance you get new unlocks in the form of customization options, up to 18 new cars, upgrades and so on.

You cannot get the best cars or the best weapons without money which can be earned by doing well during the races, finishing in a top spot or fulfilling various other tasks such as performing stunts, destroying enemy cars or even blocking a specific racer from winning the race. Once you get the hang of it, your bank account starts to grow and you see those precious Steam achievements popping up as you go (I know you like them).

All the tracks are lap-based and they have multi-path areas that go across beautiful forest, desert, and snow-covered locations. The actual track design has been done well, making the races never too hard or too easy. Truth to be told, I was honestly surprised when I learned the depth of the visuals Gas Guzzler Extreme has. The game, simply put, has beautiful visuals in terms of the cars themselves, tracks, motion blur effects and custom paint jobs your car can have. Take a look at the gallery at the end of this review and let the images do the talking.

Best enjoyed with friends

“AI has a “rubberband” attached to them”

The races themselves are always tight and full of competition. Why is that? Because AI has a “rubberband” attached to them. Such a feature is known to annoy some players, but on the other hand it keeps the game challenging. It is a rare thing to win the game clearly and that might push you to tune down the difficulty level.

While the controller scheme with the keyboard isn’t really enjoyable, the game has full controller and racing wheel support complete with vibration functions. Racing with a controller not only feels more natural but lets you focus on the chaos around you better. With Steam Big Picture and a controller in your hand, you’ll be enjoying the game to the fullest.

While the game isn’t a realistic Mario Kart, the shooting feels just right during the hectic races, even with lesser weaponry. The turrets attached to your car cannot rotate and you can only fire straight forward and backwards (homing missiles excluded). Despite that, the shooting just works.

As far as the actual racing goes, the single-player campaign works as a solid practice for the actual multiplayer mode which offers the best entertainment that a game in this genre can offer. While the multiplayer part does shine, it is unfortunate that the servers are somewhat empty. Furthermore, Gas Guzzlers Extreme is missing the ability to race offline in split-screen mode, which is something I expected to see in a game such as this.

Putting it together

Gas Guzzlers Extreme is a welcome addition to the combat racing genre and holds up well against its rivals. It’s an action-packed racing game that has a good set of features, beautiful graphics and entertaining gameplay. It isn’t an instant classic, but it is a fine addition to your racing game collection.