Broforce hits Steam Early Access with excessive force!

Broforce hits Steam Early Access with excessive force!

Over-the-top game Broforce just hit Steam Early Access and nothing like action-packed run and gun games brings so many nostalgic memories back like this.

Developed by Free Lives and with a publisher like Developer Digital behind a game it’s hard to oversee Broforce. The publisher has brought top notch indie games to the players and has never failed to deliver an amazing experience with them, some titles like Hotline Miami, Shadow Warrior or Luftrausers might ring a bell, and it’s not at all surprising that it’s becoming a well-known publishers within gamers.¬†Broforce is yet another masterpiece to be discovered, with it’s simple yet incredibly fun gameplay and incredibly excessive amount of explosions it isn’t’ strange for people to compare it to what The Expendables is to movies.

If you would like to learn more about Broforce head to their official website


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