Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea DLC – First Five Minutes of Gameplay

Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea DLC – First Five Minutes of Gameplay

Irrational Games has just released a brand new trailer highlighting the first five minutes of Bioshock Infinite’s highly-anticipated Burial at Sea: Episode One DLC which, in particular, exhibits a more lively rendition of the beloved utopia-turned-dystopia city of Rapture. Personally, we couldn’t be more anxious to dive into Irrational Games’ noir-inspired, splicer-filled adventure when it finally releases this holiday season.

For those of you who haven’t been religiously following the hype surrounding Irrational Games’ newest batch of DLC, Burial at Sea: Episode One drifts away from Bioshock Infinite’s magnificent, but thoroughly corrupt floating city of Columbia by plunging you, once again, into the murky, chaos-plagued underwater metropolis of Rapture – which has been painstakingly recreated from scratch utilizing Unreal Engine 3 in an ambitious attempt to recapture the same intriguing, but creepy atmosphere the original Bioshock showcased. Reassuming the role of Booker Dewitt (at least for the first portion of the two-part narrative), players are accompanied by Elizabeth to explore Andrew Ryan’s promising utopia – before its inhabitants become deformed, ADAM-addicted versions of their former selves – in search of a missing child by the name of Sally.

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At the start of Burial at Sea: Episode One’s trailer, we see a younger version of Bioshock Infinite’s protagonist, Booker Dewitt, awake abruptly from a drunken sleep to the sudden entrance of a young, but more mature Elizabeth whose there to offer “legitimate work” to the private investigator. The work itself happens to be a missing persons case, more specifically, one involving a lost little girl named Sally, and Elizabeth is willing to compensate him for his services, no matter what the rate may be.

“…we are soon treated to the visually-satisfying, marvelously-detailed 1950’s aesthetic the undersea metropolis properly showcases.”

After Elizabeth informs Booker of a possible contact that may know the whereabouts of Sally (and begins guiding him there), we are soon treated to the visually-satisfying, marvelously-detailed 1950’s aesthetic the undersea metropolis properly showcases. An enormous banner reading “No Gods or Kings, Only Man” and a male couple viewing the thought-provoking wonders of the sea arm-in-arm help exhibit the humanist beliefs and social liberal nature of Rapture’s society, while a cleverly-implemented glimpse at the formation of the grotesque, but oddly adorable Little Sisters provides a bit of appreciated fan-service to the proceedings. As we continue our journey, citizens populate and converse around gigantic windowpanes with the awe-inspiring illumination of the sprawling city’s many lights highlighting the marine life that consistently pass by. Heck, there was even one couple staring inventively and striking up an interesting conversation about a hulking Big Daddy, who ended up utilizing his massive drill’s seemingly new grappling hook mechanism to propel himself to a more elevated location under the sea.

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Our brief look at Burial at Sea: Episode One soon ends on an elevator ride headed to our contact’s destination, but not before we receive some intriguing information from Elizabeth pertaining not only to the mysterious disappearance of Sally, but also to Booker’s relationship with the little girl in question. It seems Irrational Games is fully prepared to offer fans some narrative twists when Bioshock Infinite’s first batch of story-driven DLC finally approaches its release date, and we couldn’t be more excited to explore the pristine, jaw-dropping confines of Rapture once again – before its inevitable collapse into a dystopian nightmare.

Burial at Sea: Episode One will be available starting November 12th for $14.99 (1200 Microsoft Points) on multiple platforms including PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.