Bethesda’s E3 Press Conference Recap

Bethesda’s E3 Press Conference Recap


Bethesda kicked off E3 with a bang, showing off franchise titles such as Doom and Fallout 4, and announcing the development of some smaller projects like Dishonered 2 and The Elder Scrolls Legends, an online strategic card game. Here is you complete recap of Bethesda’s E3 press conference.



Doom is back with old and new tricks alike. “Badass demons, big f***ing guns and moving fast” are the name of the game. The gameplay showed that off in spades, with a bevy of weapons ranging from shotguns to chainsaws. Doom will also have an online multiplayer component, with arena style combat and game modes Domination, Freez tag and Clan Arena. Doom will also launch Doom Snapmap, a community driven feature that allows players to create their own maps and game modes. Doom Snapmap gives players the opportunity to create game modes completely different from those already given.


An online action game, BattleCry is currently in closed beta. The PC only title will be entering Online Beta soon, with applications now available. The finished version of BattleCry is expected to launch this fall, with the introduction of a new clan of characters, The Han Republic.

Dishonered 2

Dishonered 2 continues the story of Dishonered, players take control of either a male of female character, each with different powers and abilities. Dishonered 2 will be launch on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Dishonered Definitive Edition will launch this year for the X1, PS4 and PC.

The Elder Scrolls Legends

An online strategic trading card game. The Elder Scrolls Legends makes use of the races and lore of the Elder Scrolls franchise to create a tactical card battle game. The Elder Scrolls Legends will be free-to-play, on PC and mobile platforms.

Fallout 4


The newest entry in the Fallout franchise will allow players to fully customize a male or female avatar, while getting a taste of life before the bombs dropped. Post nuclear explosion, players venture the post-apocalyptic Boston with the help of their trusty canine companion. Dogs can be ordered to fetch items for players, check buildings and even assist in combat. Customization is taken to new heights, not only are all weapons and armor customizable with modifications, players can also create and decorate their own structures, leading to full fledged settlements. Players’ settlements can be stocked with traders and defensive structures to defend attacking raiders. Fallout 4 will be available for PC, PS4 and X1 November 10 2015.

Fallout Shelter
Bethesda Game Studios’ first mobile game, Fallout Shelter lets players create and customize their own vault and manage and ever growing community. Each vault members has their own stats and characteristics. Players can send members out to the wasteland to gather resources and gain experience. Fallout Shelter is available now for Apple devices.

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