Make that 11 Days in Tyria: Guild Wars 2 Free Trial Extended

Make that 11 Days in Tyria: Guild Wars 2 Free Trial Extended

[Update] ArenaNet in all their benevolence has decided to extend the trial period. You can now continue to play free of charge until Monday, October 7 at 3AM EST.

Guild Wars 2, which just turned one in August , will begin a free trial period that will run September 27 till October 3rd. partyquaggon

This is the third time ArenaNet has allowed perspective adventurers to explore the lands of Tyria for free but this is the first time that they have made the trial period a week long!

I think this is phenomenal news as a weekend pass to such a rich and vibrant world is hardly enough time to comfortably acclimate yourself to the “fastest selling MMO of all time”.

Here at BOG, I have been the resident “ambassador” of Guild Wars 2 since it’s release. I tell everyone who will listen they should buy this game. Because once you buy it you own it forever (no subscription fee!) and every two weeks the hard working men and women of ArenaNet release brand new content thanks to their “Living World” initiative.

So a game which costs less than your last Triple A title, that is constantly growing and expanding and allows you you seamlessly play with your friends and family is now going to be free to play for a week so you can try out the eight professions and see which one suits you best.

September 27 till October 3rd

As of this writing I have currently logged almost 600 hours of gameplay.

I bought it with a coupon code for around $35 dollars. When you do the math that’s approximately a nickel for every hour of entertainment Guild Wars 2 has given me.

Quite simply: Guild Wars 2 is the best money I have ever spent.

What are you waiting for? Go signup today!

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