5 Facts About Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

5 Facts About Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

It is that time of the year again and the typical end of the year video game release schedule has brought us a new Call Of Duty. 2014 marks the year when Activision and Sledgehammer games brings us a new, futuristic Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

While it is true that the web is full of naysayers who are almost waiting that Call of Duty is on its way out, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare has proved that the formula that made the earlier installments of the series successful, is live and well. While our review is currently in progress, the game has already received a warm welcome in terms of reviews.

If you are wondering what makes the game so good, here is a list of five facts you should know about Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare

[ct_headings level=”h3″]1. Best multiplayer maps in years[/ct_headings]

Call Of Duty series has seen both; successful and unsuccessful installments. The games that have done well, such as Call of Duty Modern Warfare, have been shining in one aspect. That is multiplayer maps. Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare has some of the best multiplayer maps we’ve seen in years ranging from holiday resorts to tops of South Korean skycrapers. The maps have been designed around the characters improved mobility and the design and mechanics fits together really well.

[ct_headings level=”h3″]2. Manned vehicles are back[/ct_headings]

We’ve seen many Call of Duties without manned vehicles since World At War. In Advanced Warfare, Sledgehammer games has re-introduced vehicles also to the multiplayer experience in terms of hoverbikes. Now before you say that vehicles aren’t anything new in FPS genre, these hoverbikes make movement from point to point less grind and really speeds up the gameplay. We all know the faster you can get back to the action, the better.

[ct_headings level=”h3″]3. Exoskeleton[/ct_headings]

Yes, we’ve seen plethora of combat suits, armors and fancy equipment in other games such as Titanfall, Destiny and Halo. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare introduces us exoskeletons. You might think that exoskeletons would completely change the way you have played Call of Duty games, this is not the case. The exo suit brings you a lot of mobility and is far from making you behave like a robot. This is especially nice since Advanced Warfare’s increased focus on player mobility makes a huge impact to the game.

[ct_headings level=”h3″]4. War is the same, gadgets are cooler[/ct_headings]

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare provides a decent amount of new toys for you to play with and they are easily accessible. Since the game is set in the 2050’s it is only natural that we see that the tools of the trade have also improved. The developer has done a great job introducing new weapons and tools of war to the game. So in addition to the exo suit, you’ll be seeing forearm displays, infrared sensors, drones, climbing gloves and such. They don’t go too much overboard and remain in the realistic realm of future warfare.

[ct_headings level=”h3″]5. Kevin Spacey[/ct_headings]

As you can see in the trailer above, the actor Kevin Spacey is a big part of the campaign. While actors aren’t anything new in video games, Kevin Spacey does a tremendous job in the role Jonathan Irons. Kevin Spacey was featured heavily in the game’s marketing campaign and is the real driving force behind the game’s plot. We’ve reached an age where high-end graphics enable in game characters to look like they’re supposed to.

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