10 Most Anticipated Games Of 2015

10 Most Anticipated Games Of 2015

Being an early adopter with a new gaming console is always a fun, but a pricey endeavor. During the year, we’ve been able to enjoy some of the earliest releases for our next-gen consoles, but the first year is typically slow on such games as developers learn the hardware and work on enhancing their very best franchises.

This means that now just might be the best time to jump on, because 2015 looks to be stocked with great games. Here is our 10 most anticipated games of 2015 to look for.

#10: Evolve


Evolve is Valve’s latest 1v4 multiplayer shooter, with a twist: four people will play co-operatively as hunters tracking a beast, while one person will play as a gigantic monster attempting to survive long enough to evolve and ultimately slaughter the four humans who are hunting it. Gameplay revolves around four key stages, each punctuated by the monster evolving. As the monster evolves it will gain abilities, become harder to kill and vastly more dangerous, slowly tipping the advantage from the humans to the beast. Evolve promises to be ‘the hunter becomes the hunted’ game of 2015.

#9: The Order 1886

The Order

After spending nearly five years in development, The Order 1886 is one of 2015’s most eagerly awaited games. The Order is a cinematic action-adventure game with a horror influence, it follows a secret order of Knights (the successors to Arthur and his round table) who are sworn to protect Victorian England’s high society from half breed monster/human creatures. Set in a steampunk version of nineteenth century London, The Order 1886 looks so be an immersive third person action-shooter that, as an exclusive title, could be a reason to own a Playstation 4.

#8: No Man’s Sky

No Man's Sky

Maybe the most interesting title on this list, very little is known about what No Man’s Sky is actually about. What we do know is that this a first person, space exploration game where the ultimate goal is to reach the centre of the universe. Making use of procedural generation, every player will spawn on a unique and unexplored planet made just for them, on the outer rings of the universe. The most interesting feature is that the universe will constantly be spawning new planets to explore, filled with different biomes, wildlife and possibly enemies to explore and discover. Don’t expect long loading times and countless menu screens to make this possible, as ‘Hello Games’ development studio has already shown a spectacular demonstration of a player waking up on a planet, then seamlessly getting into a ship and flying out into open space with no break in gameplay whatsoever.

#7: Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat X

Developed by NetherRealm, the same studio that gave us Injustice: God’s Among Us, a surprisingly deep and addictive brawler, Mortal Kombat X features the return of classic characters including Scorpion, Sub-Zero and Raiden and new additions in the form of D’Vorah and Kotal Khan. Mortal Kombat X looks to take the series to new levels by continuing to be able to interact with the environment, special moves where you can see bones fracture and vertebra dislodge and, of course, more gruesome fatalities.

#6: Dying Light

Dying Light

Dying Light, developed by Techland, may look like an addition to the Dead Island series, but having split with studio Deep Silver after developing the first Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide, Techland has expressed the desire to innovate and experiment with the genre. Dying Light is a first person, open-world zombie survival horror, combining RPG, action and strategy elements of gameplay. From parkour free running through post apocalyptic favelas, setting up complex traps around the environment to give you the upper hand and crafting an electrified machete, Dying Light looks to be an interesting and deep single player experience. But if that wasn’t enough, four-player co-op has been announced, so if surviving the apocalypse alone isn’t for you, you can do it with your friends.

#5: Batman: Arkham Knight

Batman: Arkham Knight

Batman: Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, two of the best action-adventure games of the last generation, gained developer Rocksteady a reputation as one of the best companies working in the games industry today. Arkham Origins, not developed by Rocksteady, was a sore let down for most fans because whilst it was almost the same, without the attention to detail, well written story, and immersive, thriving world, it felt like a hollow and unsatisfying experience. However, June 2015 marks the return of Rocksteady to the series and promises a massive open-gotham to explore, the return of the Scarecrow, a new original villain; the Arkham Knight and a fully controllable Bat-Mobile. Taking Batman into the next generation, under Rocksteady’s development, expect to be The Bat.

#4: Star Wars: Battlefront


It’s been 10 years since fan favourite Star Wars: Battlefront II, and there have only been handheld editions since. After Battlefront III was cancelled, this is the game Star Wars fans have been waiting for. We’re expecting large scale battles, with the most iconic vehicles, heroes and villains, massive open locations and classic scenes from the movies to play out. Hopefully with the current generation technology there are big surprises yet to be revealed.

#3: Rise of the Tomb Raider


Rise of the Tomb Raider is the sequel to the 2013 Tomb Raider reboot, a game which put a new spin on the series, instead of the light hearted, cartoonish action from the original games, the reboot put the focus on survival, with open sprawling locations filled with wildlife and enemies and the supernatural hunting Lara Croft. Following her journey from researcher to survivalist, Tomb Raider conveyed a more human, relatable and interesting Lara Croft and it will be interesting to see what a more hardened Lara will be like to play as.

#2: The Legend of Zelda Wii U

Zelda Wii U

Announced in 2013, the latest Legend of Zelda game features cel-shaded graphics but a more mature looking style than Wind Waker. Producer and Zelda game veteran Eiji Aonuma assures fans a completely open-world experience with multiple paths to locations. From the small amount of footage available Hyrule looks beautiful and this is the first original Zelda title to display in full HD.

#1: Mirror’s Edge


Mirror’s Edge came out in 2008, this Mirror’s Edge is announced as a prequel just under the same name. Another game to feature first-person parkour free running. Faith is a runner, they are the couriers of the future delivering packages to members of the resistance in an Orwellian dystopia with a totalitarian government. While the original was a linear game, this title is set to have an open world. With simple but effective design, 2015’s Mirror’s Edge is sure to be something unique to keep on the radar.

There you have it, our 10 most anticipated games for 2015. Now it is your turn. Let us know your most anticipated games in the comments!

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